A simple video to explain how the process will work when we are live ( a few months out yet ) ! The problem with Cardiac Arrest is time ⏱,so the sooner someone can attend a scene the better – and hence why we are getting setup to provide Annaghdown with that service ! 🤩

  • 📓 Dial 999/112
  • 📔 NAS 🚑 will help you through , dispatching an ambulance
  • 📒 At the same time they will SMS Annaghown CFR group ( once call is within our designated area )
  • 📕 On call volunteer will reply and go to the location.
  • 📗 They will don all the necessary PPE ( supplied by HSE NAS )
  • 📘 Will asses the situation and take action
  • 📙 They will stay and handover to Paramedics , acting as a helping hand to the family.