What Is A Cardiac First Responder?

A Cardiac First Responder (CFR) is a person trained to a minimum level of basic life support in CPR and the use of an AED/defibrillator, who attends an actual or potentially life threatening emergency such as a cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke or choking.

Rural areas and ambulance response times

In rural areas around Ireland an ambulance may need to travel a long distance to assist someone suffering from a cardiac or respiratory arrest, ineffective breathing or choking. In such instances time is crucial, that is why the HSE National Ambulance Service is integrating groups of CFRs in rural areas who are dispatched simultaneously with the National Ambulance Service.

Note – Community First Response is generally used in place of Cardiac First Response as a descriptor for these type of Community Groups.

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Community first responders in action

A great video from CFR Ireland with an example of how CFR groups interact with the National Ambulance service during COVID. You will also see some interviews with Co-Ordinators & CFR members in other groups , experiencing the PPE for the first time.

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